The story so far aka “Hello World!”

For some time now I have been working  in my spare time on a couple of projects. Well, more than a couple, but just a couple of those amount to something that is more than just a prototype. I needed something to log the flow of development and anything else related that might be of interest and in addition I needed to be able to present this work. I am launching ludumium as a platform to host this creative process.

Look at it fly! :-)
Look at it fly! 🙂

I am currently working on a two-button arcade game for mobile devices. When I first started working on it I was experimenting with simple gameplay mechanics, prototyping a few one-button and two-button concepts. The prototype that went further than the rest, in terms of how much fun it felt and how you could built a game around it, was a prototype I got to call Lander. Lander is an awful name for a game and that is why I am currently calling it Awesome Space Delivery Company. The idea behind it was to create a fun game with simple gameplay and one I would be able to complete as a first project. ”Completion” is the keyword here. A super complex project that would need years of development and a small fortune in art assets would almost surely result in an abandoned half finished project. The way I see it though, is that the project  may not be complex, but it is ambitious. My ambition is to create a solid and fun game while,  through the process of creating it, I learn about designing, developing and launching a game.